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Take my money, Nintendo by HotheadedTrainer
Mature content
Take my money, Nintendo :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 0 0
'Anti' Fluttercord stamp by HotheadedTrainer 'Anti' Fluttercord stamp :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 4 6 MLP OC: Grace by HotheadedTrainer MLP OC: Grace :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 1 0 MLP OC/Ponysona: Drama King by HotheadedTrainer MLP OC/Ponysona: Drama King :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 1 0
The World of Pokemon: Adventure Awaits Part 1
A/N so I posted this fic already on my Pokémon Amino profile, and from what I can tell, people would rather see me exploit game glitches and run into a different colored Pokémon than something I put actual effort and research into. I'm not gonna lie, im pretty damn salty. So I'm just gonna post it here as well for hopefully better results. Hope you guys enjoy
 The world of Pokémon is a fantastic world indeed. Most Pokémon are trained by humans, living by their side, fighting their battles, and gaining their love and affection in return. Others however, prefer to live out in the wild, fending for themselves, always on the move, attacking any who come too close to them. As of now, there are 18 different types of Pokémon, populating the globe in many different locations. The grasslands, the forests, the deserts, the seas, the skies, the mountains, and even in the depths of a volcano. Though some prefer to kee
:iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 1 0
Jack Ena The African Wild Dog(Sonic OC) by HotheadedTrainer Jack Ena The African Wild Dog(Sonic OC) :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 2 0 Just some stupid thing I made by HotheadedTrainer Just some stupid thing I made :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 0 1 Admirable Animation: Captain Craboo(We Bare Bears) by HotheadedTrainer Admirable Animation: Captain Craboo(We Bare Bears) :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 1 0 Pokemon XY and Z meme by HotheadedTrainer
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Pokemon XY and Z meme :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 4 16
Alpha and Omega(Pokemon Style) by HotheadedTrainer Alpha and Omega(Pokemon Style) :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 2 0 Passimafoo by HotheadedTrainer Passimafoo :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 0 0 Anyone remember these guys? by HotheadedTrainer Anyone remember these guys? :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 0 0 Oranguru Meme by HotheadedTrainer Oranguru Meme :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 9 18 Flowey Doodle by HotheadedTrainer Flowey Doodle :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 0 0 Lillie Gif by HotheadedTrainer Lillie Gif :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 0 0 Yeah... Right... by HotheadedTrainer
Mature content
Yeah... Right... :iconhotheadedtrainer:HotheadedTrainer 3 2


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What is it with Kanto gym leaders having their gyms right next to areas where trainers can exploit their weaknesses?

Brock- Two of the starters are strong against him

Misty- Oddish/Bellsprout found in the Route above

Lt. Surge- Diglett's Cave

Erika- Growlithe/Vulpix in the route over, also Eevee in the same city which can evolve into Flareon

Koga- OK

Sabrina- OK

Blaine- Gym is surrounded by Water

Giovanni- Body of water in the same city
Take my money, Nintendo
Seriously, this hate over 10 seconds of a new game in a video is getting ridiculous. We'll be getting a game on the Switch anyways, but even still, people are complaining. IMO, they should be thankful we're getting new games this soon, I don't care if it wasn't Stars or Eclipse or Diarreah. And before you say, "Well this game is just Sun and Moon with a few things added/changed!" So were Emerald and Platinum to their respective gens, and I don't see people complaining
'Anti' Fluttercord stamp
I see why people ship this but honestly the ship leaves a bad taste in my mouth, Discord is way too old compared to Flutershy, but really, the most important thing is that imo, their relationship is much more strong as good friends, it honestly makes scenes between them cuter, they're hanging out because they like being with each other, not because they're romantic to each other and have the responsibility of having to do it. But that's just me
MLP OC: Grace
Another OC that came from my dead EA account, this time it's a cute little Griffon! I honestly do not remember why I made her, but I think she's cool, so she's here to stay! Her original name was Quill until I realized all Griffons in the MLP world start with the letter "G" Gilda, Gabby, Gustave etc. her colors are based on a Golden Eagle enjoy!


Name: Grace

Age: 10

Species: Griffon

Sex: Female

Personality: Know it all, Argumentative, Attentive, a bit too trusting

Close Relations: Drama King(Surrogate Brother), Father, Mother, one younger sister, one twin brother

Likes: Ponies, Math, Puzzles, sleeping, chips, races

Dislikes: Being dirty, getting in trouble, chocolate, fighting, chipping her claws

Story: At the age of 10, Quill convinced her parents to move to Cloudsdale so she could make friends with the ponies, there, she met an Earth Pony named Drama King, and became sort of a little sister to him after seeing him in a public play, thinking he was the best actor there, she introduced herself, and offered to be his "Second in command", though reluctant at first, Drama accepted, and turns to her for advice when he thinks he needs it, much to her dismay, regardless, the two make a great duo, and help each other whenever they need to

MLP OC/Ponysona: Drama King
Originally uploaded on my friend's account :iconmusthavegiantess: But the drawing is indeed mine, just couldn't upload it on an account of my own because I didn't have one yet, also available on my Equestria Amino account, which is dead AF

Name: Drama King

Age: 18

Personality: Scatterbrained, Kind, a bit manipulative, Silly, Overly Dramatic, Very "Animated"

Likes: Theatre, salads, sweets(especially Chocolate), Acting, Being with family and friends, Swimming, Games, Going on trips, Princess Twilight Sparkle

Dislikes: Having to do "too much" work, being yelled at, tomatoes, being lonely, trouble

Backstory: Born to a loving family, Drama King found himself very attached to lots of films and plays, and in his favorite ones, he would act out scenes he found funny or memorable, even at an early age, because of how well he melted into the roles he played, he obtained his cutie mark rather early, and is considering making a film company. At a young age, he met a Griffon chick named Grace, and befriended her quite quickly due to his amusing stunts. As he got older, he developed a crush on the princess of Friendship herself, Twilight Sparkle, he hopes one day he'd at least have a chance with her, if not, be recognized, but is too shy to talk to her alone, but whether he gets her or not, he still has his close family and friends to be by his side all the way through.
If anyone out there wants to get into competitive battling but isnconfused by the whole concept of EV training, trust me, Sun and Moon is a great place to start, if you play your cards right, you can knock out 7 Pikipek and get Max Attack like it was nothing, and SOS battles and Adrenaline Orbs make everything so much easier, and I'm so glad =D it seems like GF really does care about their fans 👌
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I love Pokémon, and I have many baes such as Bianca from movie 5 Mallow, and Sabrina, they're my absolute favorites 💖💖💖

Other chicas I like are the Other Bianca Lillie Lilia Katie Aria Cynthia and Penelope ❤️


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